Workshop on Land Cover and Land Use Change (LCLUC) Dynamics in South and South East AsiaWorkshop on Land Cover and Land Use Change (LCLUC) Dynamics in South and South East Asia

Date 3 Nov 2014 to 4 Nov 2014
Venue ICIMOD, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact Persons Hammad Gilani
Type Workshops
Programmes MENRIS, Geospatial Solutions

The purpose of this workshop is to provide forum to bring scientists together to discuss land cover land use change (LCLUC) (e.g., deforestation, changes in cropland and grazing land, agriculture intensification and urbanization) and its drivers (e.g., economic, social, and climate change), with an emphasis on South and South East Asia (SSEA). The workshop will be organized as a joint effort of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign(UIUC) and International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) around 2 major themes:

  • The major LCLU transition activities in the study region, and 
  • The causes of land cover and land use change. 


Presentations and discussions will give an overview of recent research accomplishments and the state of the art in research areas related to these themes: Remote sensing and ground based-local and national-scale forest inventories and agricultural census data sets, and the drivers of LCLUCs, including both socio-economic and biophysical drivers. We will then formulate future research directions and applications development needs for the region. The workshop will explore opportunities for coordination and collaboration among research scientists and teams and ongoing projects aimed to advance our understanding of the spatial extent of the large scale land cover changes underway in SSEA.

This two-day workshop will include presentations and break-out group discussions. The first day will focus on synthesizing information across LCLUC activities in the region and discuss how different data analyses have yielded variations in LCLUC activities over the historical time period. The second day will focus on synthesizing the drivers of the LCLUCs. The expected outcome of this workshop will be an overview of LCLUC data and its drivers and current knowledge gaps. Findings will both be connected to theoretical understandings of land change and the methodological issues involved in such synthesis.

  • Develop scientific understanding on drivers of Land Cover and Land Use Change (LCLUC) in South and South East Asia