User Consultation Workshop on Rapid Response Mapping and Information System

Date 4 Mar 2015
Venue Conference Hall, ICIMOD
Contact Persons Deo Raj Gurung
Type Workshops
Programmes Geospatial Solutions, MENRIS

Near real-time information can support emergency response in the event of disaster and save lives and properties. Rapid response mapping (RRM) is an integral part of disaster management. There are now global initiatives supporting RRM, such as the International Charter Space and Major Disasters (IDC) and Sentinel Asia (SA). These initiatives are voluntary mechanisms put in place by space organizations to make satellite data freely available in the event of disaster. However, effective use of satellite data requires appropriate ground-based data assimilation systems, users’ ability to turn data into information, and timely distribution of derived information to respective disaster response agencies. 


Nepal, which is prone to disaster events, has benefited from both IDC and SA in the past. The one-day workshop will look back and analyse how the stakeholders and officials in the disaster management department can effectively organize to leverage satellite data and information, and make best use of available resources. Participants will also be introduced to information systems that support disaster risk management.

Expected Participants

The event will bring together agencies engaged in disaster risk management, particularly in disaster response interventions, to share their experiences and come up with ways to ensure effective utilization of satellite derived data and information for emergency response.