SERVIR Applied Sciences Team Technical Training

Date 6 May 2013 to 9 May 2013
Venue ICIMOD Headquarters, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact Persons Samjwal Ratna Bajracharya
Type Training
Programmes MENRIS, Geospatial Solutions, Cryosphere and Atmosphere

The NASA/USAID-funded SERVIR Applied Science Team has established ICIMOD as a primary data node. One project in the programme led involves several investigators from Kathmandu’s science community, including ICIMOD, Kathmandu University, and Tribhuvan University.

This training will provide a forum for professionals in the area of glaciology and natural hazards, students, and technical support personnel in Kathmandu’s science community to share and exchange knowledge and information about ongoing projects and plans, and cross-train in specialized research methodologies.

Experts from the United States will share their understanding of glacier and alpine hazards and techniques for satellite remote sensing. This training will serve as a hands-on training programme where students and other participants can actively take part in glacier mapping and satellite image analysis enabling participants to


  • look for changes in glaciers occurring between satellite image acquisitions; 
  • explore the challenges of accurate mapping of complex landscapes; 
  • examine formal objective errors and subjective uncertainties in satellite assessments; 
  • learn about alpine landscape evolution; and 
  • discuss problems and opportunities for research.   


Resource persons: Jeff Kargel, Greg Leonard, and Michael Bishop, University of Arizona, US

Participants from: Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology of Nepal, Water and Energy Commission Secretariat of Nepal, and ICIMOD.