Policy Workshop on Sustainable use of Earth Observation and Geospatial Applications in Afghanistan

Date 8 Aug 2017 to 9 Aug 2017
Contact Persons Birendra Bajracharya
Type Workshops
Programmes Geospatial Solutions, Regional Database, MENRIS

SERVIR-HKH has specific priorities in Afghanistan related to the thematic area of Water Resources and Irrigation supported by USAID-Afghanistan. The project aims to support the Government of Afghanistan’s efforts in capacity development, data accessibility and availability, and enhancing provision of user-tailored data and tools for decision-making in a sustainable manner. National policy and legal frameworks on the use of Earth observation data and geospatial technologies are very important to ensure sustainable environmental management and improved resilience to climatic anomalies. In this context, ICIMOD is organizing a policy workshop on sustainable use of Earth observation data and geospatial technologies for policy/decision making in Afghanistan. The workshop will provide a forum to the policy/decision makers to get exposed to the global trend on use of Earth observation data, geospatial applications and data sharing, and to provide feedback and inputs to SERVIR-HKH interventions for institutionalization in Afghanistan.