Kabir Uddin

GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist

I have fourteen years of professional experience at ICIMOD playing a lead role in the field of environmental and biodiversity management for land cover mapping and change detection and modelling; disaster risk reduction by rapid flood inundation mapping and damage assessment using RADAR and optical images. As a remote sensing specialist, I help identify, procure, rectify, and analyze very-high-to-medium resolution satellite imagery for ICIMOD’s internal programmes and initiatives. I also supervise and coordinate various aspects of GIS and remote sensing work; prepare manuscripts for publishing in peer review journals; prepare training manuals on mapping land cover, glaciers, flood hazards and flood shelter suitability; and conduct training in the HKH countries. During the flood disaster events, I also analyze optical and RADAR remote sensing data for rapid flood inundation mapping and damage assessment systems. My work as a land cover application lead, building the Regional Land Cover Monitoring System is in close collaboration with the United States Foresty Service (USFS), Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC), The University of Maryland (UMD), and forest departments in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal generates consistency in land cover mapping on an annual basis.

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