The Agriculture Information Portal

The Agriculture Information Portal (AIP) provides a gateway to geo-information data and application tools. The AIP facilitates the sharing of spatial and non-spatial data. It allows for the integration of various web-based applications and provides tools to support informed decision-making in Afghanistan.

Key components of the Agriculture Information Portal

Components Description
Data Viewer The data viewer allows visualization of geospatial and tabular data in the form of dynamic maps.
Data Catalogue The data catalogue facilitates data discovery and dissemination. It allows users to search for spatial and non-spatial data stored in the catalogue. Users can also view detailed metadata.
Applications The applications component hosts various web-based apps that provide tools for visualization and informed decision-making on agriculture. It currently consists of the MODIS NDVI, the Anomaly Information System, the Irrigation Canal Information System, the Crop Information System, and the Agro-met Information System.

The interactive platform enables users to view province-level information on crop statistics-production, crop area, and yield for wheat, rice, maize, and barley; crop calendar-sowing and harvesting periods for fruits, vegetables, and cash crops; and commodity market price of crops, vegetables and livestock.

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