Rangelands Decision Support System in Pakistan

This application has been developed to help decision makers in rangeland management in Pakistan. The application allows dynamic visualization of various layers related to rangland as given below:

  • Bioclimate
  • Phenology: start of the season (in terms of day of the year) and length of the season (in terms of days).
  • Grazing patterns location of cattle grazing in various seasons.
  • Biomass and productivity.
    • Seasonal Integrated NDVI
    • Amplitude
    • Greening/Browning (negative value showing browning and positive value showing greening)

Finally, the application allows users to view suitability for rangeland based on productivity, area, and greening/browning. Also, the users are able to view the overall suitability ranking layer which have been developed by combining the three individual suitability layers. The suitability rankings are given in relative numbers with higher values showing more suitable for rangeland and are applicable to before the start of the migration (i.e. January to March period).



The SERVIR Project, NASA, USAID and ICIMOD make no express or implied warranty of this application and associated data as to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Neither the US Government nor its contractors shall be liable for special, consequential or incidental damages attributed to this application and associated data.

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