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06 Nov, 2013
Climate change in Bhutan is manifesting itself in the formation of dangerous glacial lakes and the increased occurrence of landslides, floods, pests, and diseases, among others. As serious consequences of climate change are felt in Bhutan, climate science is becoming part of the curriculum in the institutes of higher learning.
12 Sep, 2013
Professionals from Bhutan’s Snow and Glacier Division of Department of Hydro-met Services (DHMS) are now collaborating with and learning from ICIMOD’s expertise in hydrology.
09 Aug, 2013
SERVIR's partnership, tools, products, and services and how they are being used in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region were the subject of a panel discussion at a recent forum in Washington, D.C.
31 Jul, 2013
Director General of ICIMOD David Molden and NASA Administrator Charles Jr. Bolden held talks on 12 July as part of efforts to further boost professional relations between the two organizations.
06 Jun, 2013
Experts from ICIMOD contributed to ’Training on Space Technology for Flood Hazard Mapping, Flood Forecast, and Rapid Mapping in Bangladesh’ held 12–16 May at Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO) in Dhaka. Deo Raj Gurung, Remote Sensing Specialist....
31 May, 2013
The winning team from the International Space Apps Challenge: Kathmandu Hackathon in Nepal was awarded an Honourable Mention in the Most Inspiring Category during the announcement of the Global Award Winners for the 2013 International Space Apps Challenge on 22 May.
03 May, 2013
A total of 60 participants, among which 16 were women, divided themselves into 17 teams, with some calling upon virtual participation and input from others around the globe. Using earth observation resources and geo-ICT tools, teams worked on challenges that included mapping emergency service providers in Kathmandu through an online interface...
05 Jun, 2012

On Saturday 5 May 2012, flash flooding in the Kaski district of northwestern Nepal resulted in the death of at least 31