Innovative ‘PrakopAlert’ mobile app launched to strengthen community resilience and disaster preparedness in Nepal

08 May 2024

The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), in collaboration with the Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS), have introduced the innovative ‘PrakopAlert’ mobile application intended to strengthen community resilience and preparedness. This app serves as a pivotal tool, providing timely and accurate weather and flood forecasting information to users, enabling proactive measures to mitigate risks associated with extreme weather events and potential floods.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and integrating data from the High-Impact Weather Assessment Toolkit (HIWAT) and Flash Flood Prediction Tool (FFPT), this application offers a comprehensive overview of weather conditions. Users gain access to detailed information on crucial weather conditions such as rainfall, temperature, lightning, hail, wind speed, and stream flow for nearly all rivers across Nepal. By harnessing these advance data sources, users have access to precise and up to date data, enabling informed decision-making and proactive risk mitigation.

This mobile app is a crucial asset for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) practitioners, volunteers, ICIMOD partners and organisations focusing on anticipatory actions. It will assist in timely and necessary actions by providing users with hourly weather forecasts and flood updates tailored to their specific areas of interest. Colour-coded icons and visual elements convey the information quickly and effectively, allowing users to make informed decisions, such as evacuating or relocating properties to safer locations. To enhance accessibility, the app features language options in both Nepali and English.

The ‘PrakopAlert’ app is now available for free on the Android Play Store. The app is committed to continuous improvement and modification based on users’ feedback, ensuring its effectiveness in meeting the communities’ evolving needs.


Manish Shrestha

Bikram Shakya

Bikram Shakya

Geoinformation System Analyst