Data sharing partnership with Bhutan

12 Sep 2013

Professionals from Bhutan’s Snow and Glacier Division of Department of Hydro-met Services (DHMS) are now collaborating with and learning from ICIMOD’s expertise in hydrology.

As part of the ongoing SERVIR Himalaya initiative, ICIMOD has been sharing the daily MODIS snow cover and vegetation index data on the ftp server with DHMS of Bhutan.

Therefore, a staff of DHMS, Chimi Dorji, was invited to ICIMOD headquarters in Kathmandu to learn how to make best use of the products and study the historical snow and glacier inventory developed by ICIMOD.

According to Chimi Dorji, he learnt about the importance of snow and glacier data collected using remote sensing technologies with MODIS dataset.

“The data will help us identify suitable areas and time that will be best for field studies on snow and glaciers,” he said. “The data would also help us in analyzing the hydrology of the basin.”

Chimi Dorji thought the mountain geo-portal, story maps, and other online applications are of interest to his department, especially while communicating with stakeholders.

“We look forward to a deeper collaboration with ICIMOD SERVIR team to use the MODIS and other dataset to provide a daily snow cover image of Bhutan,” he said. “We want to use the glacier inventory to provide an online glacier information portal for DHMS.”