On-the-job Training on WebGIS and Application Development

Date 11 Sep 2017 to 22 Sep 2017
Venue ICIMOD Headquarters, Nepal
Contact Persons Rajesh Thapa
Type Training
Programmes MENRIS, Geospatial Solutions, Afghanistan

Within the framework of the global SERVIR program, the overall objective of SERVIR-HKH is to increase sustainable use of Earth observation information and geospatial technology in development decision-making in the Hindu Kush Himalaya. SERVIR-HKH activities in Afghanistan are focused on providing technical assistance to the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) by improving the use of these technologies in water resources, agriculture water use and irrigation management and decision making.

One of the main objectives of SERVIR program in Afghanistan is to enhance data access through development of integrated portals for sharing geospatial data related to agriculture, irrigation, hydro-met and water resources. In this context, development of an integrated data portal has been initiated based on the assessments made in different stakeholder consultations. The portal has been designed and developed envisioning of three major components; data viewer, data catalogue and applications. The data viewer component make users enable to visualize different geospatial, tabular data and remote sensing (RS) based data products and information. The data catalogue disseminates information about data repository and corresponding metadata for searching and data discovery. The third, application component is a repository of various GIS based applications such as Agriculture and Irrigation Information system, NDVI Anomaly Information System, Irrigation infrastructure Information System and Hydro-Met Information System.

A first version of portal has been developed and deployed in the Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) which can be accessed via link . In the current version, major three components have been developed along with five GIS based web applications:

  • Data Viewer for GIS baseline data, irrigation infrastructure data;
  • MODIS NDVI anomaly,
  • Irrigation Infrastructure,
  • Agro-Met Information and
  • Crop Information System.

There are both scope and opportunities for development of GIS based web applications and information systems exploiting these datasets which are served through Data Catalogue component. Moreover, there is a need of capacity building on portal development and WebGIS application development to MAIL staffs, which can help to hand over this portal and take it further. Therefore, this on the job training on WebGIS and Application Development aims to strengthen their capacity on development of portal, applications, and information systems