In Afghanistan, SERVIR provides technical assistance to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) by improving the use of technology in water resources, agriculture water use, and irrigation management and decision making. Additionally, the project seeks to:

  •  Build capacity on Earth observation and geospatial information management, and analysis for applications in the field of water resources management;
  • Enhance access to data through development of integrated portals for sharing data on hydro-met, irrigation and water resources;
  • Develop decision support tools for analysis, visualization and dissemination of information to targeted stakeholders


SERVIR has adopted a multipronged component approach as part of its technical assistance.

Capacity Building

Customized trainings on GIS/RS applications, Geospatial Application Development, and Hydrological Modelling and provisions for on the job trainings and participation in regional and global events for relevant stakeholders. Joint Collaboration with Kabul University to conduct trainings on GIS/RS.

Enhanced access to data

Facilitation of a national data sharing policy in close collaboration with USAID-Afghanistan; Development of an integrated irrigation portal for assimilation of data management and visualization processes related to irrigation in Afghanistan; Mapping and monitoring of glaciers to understand the impact on water resources.

Development of decision support tools

Development of a wheat mapping application to aid food security planning; drought monitoring system for improved seasonal forecasts and early warning; development of a framework for collection and dissemination of information utilizing mobile devices.